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The second track for the Single of the Month Club is Moten Swing. We have two takes, each with a different mix, and we can't decide which one we like the most, so we need your help! Please listen to the clips below and vote for whichever is your favorite. (You don't have to be a subscriber to participate in the poll!)

If you're not a subscriber, why should you care? Because one of these takes will eventually end up on an album! So you'll have the chance to own a copy yourself soon, or you can subscribe to the Single of the Month Club now and you can own a copy of the winning single this weekend.

The take of Moten Swing with the most votes will be released to all Single of the Month Club subscribers on 21 Oct.

If you're already a subscriber, please don't vote here - check your email for a link to the full tracks!

Choose your favorite take:
Moten Swing clip - Take One
Moten Swing clip - Take Two

Poll closes 11:59pm EST on 20 October.

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