Gordon Webster

Swinging around the world for your Lindy Hopping pleasure


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Released:  15 June 2017


1. Lavender Coffin
2. Papa's in Bed with His Britches On
3. Hoodle Addle
4. Moon River
5. Lord Help Me Now
6. Baby, Oh, Where Can You Be?
7. Take it from the Top
8. Close Shave
9. All that Meat and No Potatoes
10. Hallelujah, I Love Her So
11. School Days
12. Steam Heat

Gordon Webster
Meets Hetty Kate

Released:  2014

It's Gordon's band with Australian sweetheart Hetty Kate's vocals. A classic pairing!

Live at
Boston Swing Central

Released:  2013

Live in Rochester

Released:  2012

Digital Download now includes Roc City Stop!

Stay tuned for the reissued CD...

Live in Philadelpia

Released:  2010


Happy When I'm
With You

Released:  2009


Blues Till Dawn

Released:  2007